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Deep hydration of the skin, volume replacement, facial contouring. Minimally invasive treatment with excellent results.

Reposition Volumes

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule present in our skin that is responsible for cutaneous hydration and is used to reposition or volumize certain alterations of the years in the face.

By applying hyaluronic acid to specific points on the face, we will be able to support structures such as skin and fatty packs, improving flaccidity, thus reducing the presence of some furrows and redefining the facial oval. We can also use it to project areas such as cheekbones, chin and lips and to reduce others such as dark circles.


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Eye bags

By applying small amounts of hyaluronic acid in the area of ​​dark circles we will be able to reposition the lost volumes typical of the passage of time, restoring hydration and projection in the area of ​​the tear groove and improving the appearance of a tired look.


There are other components of dark circles such as pigmentation or sagging skin that will require complementary combined treatments.


The presence of those annoying skin folds around the mouth and chin can be attenuated thanks to the application of small amounts of hyaluronic acid, improving the sad aspect of the face. Always maintaining facial harmony.


Projecting the chin outlines the facial oval and redefines the mandibular arch, allowing to highlight the qualities of the face, exalting the ideal proportions for the lower third without surgical requirements.


The lips are the part of the face that represents the most sensuality. The lip contouring treatment consists of the application of small amounts of a cohesive, malleable and medium cross-linking hyaluronic acid on the lip structures to define the cupid's bow, project vermilion, plump up the tubercles and obtain lips with the appropriate proportions to each face, always maintaining facial harmony.


The cheekbones are an important part of the projection of the face, they define the middle third and allow to enhance both feminine and masculine beauty. With the application of hyaluronic acid in the malar area we achieve natural results, always seeking individualized harmony for each face.



Righ now


30 minutes



12 months



Does not require


  • Do not touch, manipulate or massage the puncture areas.

  • After the procedure, mild erythema (reddish discoloration of the skin), moderate swelling and / or tolerable pain may occur at the puncture site, which gradually resolves in case of severe pain, see immediately.

  • You should not go to the pool, Turkish bath or sauna, or do intense physical exercise 2 days after the procedure.

  • It is important to attend a check-up 10 days after the procedure.

  • You can put on makeup the next day and continue with your usual skin routine.

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