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Reduces hyperpigmentation on the face and improves skin quality.

Reduce and attenuate the spots on your skin

There are different types of hyperpigmentation (spots) on the face that require important attention and specific treatment. At the clinic we have different laser technologies according to the characteristics of the stain.


One of the most difficult types of stain to treat is melasma, mainly because it has a vascular component in the background, therefore a treatment with a specific type of laser wave is required to achieve uptake of both the pigment and the vasculature. We achieve this thanks to our latest Colormax technology that combines a long pulse Nd: YAG wave with a short pulse 1064nm. The procedure is minimally painful. With this treatment we are able to add life and luminosity to the face thanks to the collagen stimulation provided by the procedure.

For other types of spots we also have CO2 laser, the world's first Fractional IPL Fraclight and even topical treatments such as Cosmelan or Facial Peeling.

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3 months


30 minutes






Does not require


  • Start the topical products indicated by the specialist if it is the case.

  • It is normal to feel the battered area, this will improve in 3-5 days.

  • Small purple areas and mild inflammation may occur in the treatment area, which resolves spontaneously.

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