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Inyeccion de biopuntura en la espalda


Provides nutrients to hair, restoring luminosity and shine, minimizes hair loss.

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Decrease the fall

Prior to a medical diagnosis of hair conditions and the identification of possible existing diseases, we will infiltrate a cocktail of bioregulatory medications and vitamins into the scalp to strengthen the follicular units and improve the condition of the hair, achieving a decrease in the fall and an increase in population. Returning luminosity, shine and thickness.


We have the best microscopic technology to see the follicles and treat them effectively depending on each patient.

Tratamiento medico de biopuntura


2 months

Tiempo de realizacion de tratamiento de biopuntura


20 minutes

Sin incapacidad tratamiento de biopuntura



Realizado por un medico especialista en medicina alternativa


Does not require


Recomendaciones para despues de tratamiento de biopuntura
  • Do not enter the sauna, Turkish bath or pool after the treatment.

  • Do not apply topical products during the next hour of treatment

  • Do not touch or massage the area.

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